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It all began in 1946, when a major Italian industrial group in the aeronautical sector selected workers and technicians upon whom it entrusted the launch of the first productions of O-Rings and special gaskets needed to manufacture its equipment.
The new production environment, then, found its natural way into the whole Italian Aeronautical and Aerospace field, easily conquering important positions at all leading manufacturers in the industry.
And, as an even more logical evolution, it soon acquired significant market shares in every other industry too.

Its first name was GEROL-O-RING S.d.f., based on the acronym Guarnizioni Elastomeriche Resistenti agli Olii Lubrificanti (Lubricant oil-resistant Elastomeric Gaskets), which still evokes all the charm of that pioneering atmosphere, and, towards the end of the Seventies, it simply became GEROL S.r.l. in order to show the growth of wider and more diversified interests compared with the original scope.

Between the end of the Eighties and the beginning of the Nineties, it evolved by addressing foreign markets, especially outside Europe, with a progressive commercial addition of the most important industrial gaskets brands in the standard productions, now excellently attested; at the same time, our most important and specialised productions have been carefully entrusted to third parties while our Company retained the ownership and peculiarities of the special technical specifications required by our Customers..

Since 1993, GEROL S.r.l. has become a more typically commercial company, providing customers with an incomparable technical expertise and a comprehensive product portfolio constantly updated and able to satisfy any need in any industrial sector.

The ideal mix between first assembly and distribution is constantly optimised based on the situation of Italian industries: if selling to producers used to be prevailing compared to the supply of spare parts, we are currently facing an inversion thanks to the wider and spread support we are able to offer to the whole distribution chain, from small to big retailers.
We like to say that we live for gaskets, all of them, including those that never existed or are impossible to find, since we can also provide our clients with specific customised products .

Last but not least, courtesy, promptness, expertise and reliability make our Company a pleasant, useful and profitable environment to come across.


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