Customised products

customised products

This group of products, just like O-Rings, remains traditionally essential for us and honours our experience, daily enriched by the close relations with the industry, no field excluded.
W e have been producing some series for decades now and, every time a client needs a new customised product, he/she knows perfectly that this is not a problem at all if its solution is entrusted to our expertise and professionalism.
We work with several mould makers, each with its peculiarities and specialisations, we carefully check on our suppliers, who have been thoroughlyand possess features, abilities and structures suitable for the most diversified product types we deal with from time to time.
In accordance with our prior agreement, when the shape is made in one of our moulds (yes, sometimes this kind of choice may result to be the most appropriate), the mould itself either remains of our exclusive property or of the customer's exclusive property (when he/she participates in costs payment).
This category includes all special versions of standard gasket types that, nonetheless, have non-standard dimensions, e.g. lip gaskets with special sizes, or theoretically standard gaskets requiring infeasible batches and/or long lead times, or gaskets that no longer exist or that have never existed but that can, however, be produced by expert designers and lathe turners, even in a short time, with the most appropriate material.

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