Gaskets for hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic and pneumatic gaskets

We have a wide range of gaskets in our warehouse, suitable for any type of hydraulic cylinder.

Rod gaskets, piston gaskets, guide rings, scrapers, in all the various versions based on the performance level required.

Rubber gaskets, rubber-fabric, polyurethane, filled PTFE gaskets, compact and pack gaskets.

Pressed guides made of filled acetal resin, filled PTFE guide tapes, pre-moulded guides made of fabric impregnated with phenolic resin, guide tapes made of Orkot ® .

Rubber or Polyurethane scrapers, with or without metal shell, made of filled PTFE.

We ensure the best support in the choice of the most appropriate technical solutions and we are able to satisfy even the most demanding requests if lead times and costs allow us to do so.

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