This is the most important area for us, not only because of our old tradition, but also because it all started from there and, despite all technological improvements in the field of sealing systems, this simple product remains, objectively, essential and irreplaceable in any industrial field.

We have a very wide range of the most commonly required sizes and mixtures.

Standard series (sections 1,78 – 2,62 – 3,53 – 5,34 – 6,99 – 8,40) are normally supplied in NBR, FKM, Silicone (both red and transparent), EPDM and Neoprene, whereas the French R series (sections 1,6 – 1,9 – 2,7 – 3,6) is normally available in NBR and FKM.

We also supply different hardnesses from the 70 °Sh A standard and also made of special mixtures, such as Fluorosilicone, Perfluoroelastomer, HNBR, PU and also in non-elastomeric materials, e.g. PTFE.

This category includes, albeit a bit improperly, Quad-Ringswith the characteristic four-lobe profile; after that, there are the same sizes of standard series (NBR70 (QRAR) and/or NBR79 (JF4)), whereas, concerning production with other mixtures, it is necessary to assess the feasibility and practical convenience from time to time.

The world of metric or non-standard series comes next: for example, we can start from 0,50 x 0,20 mm and get to around 1.400 x 30 mm, covering all possible intermediate variants created, managed and developed through the decades ... by the way, in 2016 we celebrated our first 70 years of history!

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